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A short presentation to Bank CEO's by Mustapha Mugisa, at a UBA event on how to ensure secure communication and security of data in storage or transit.

A real case of how a bank's internal staff in the loans department made off with over Ugx. 500m in fictitious loan applications and occassioned loss to the bank.

Here is how it was done:

1.This fraud involved several loan officers.

2.They obtained loans through fictitious clients’ accounts.

3.The loan officers would make a fictitious client, complete the loan application documents, and submit to the bank for approval.

Since the fraudulent staff is also the reviewer of the loan application, the loan would be approved. Thereafter, funds would then be advanced or disbursed to the fictitious bank clients. You guessed, small loan amounts were involved; they had no genuine collateral security. The fraudsters were so smart that they would make these applications at up-country branches where majority of the people lack land tittles. So what they would do, is to forge an LC 1 letter, and move around the village take photographs of the farm and house and attach to the loan application!

Find strategies of managing the fraud risk problem. Great practical insights to take your career to the next level.

This is a great paper and after reading you will know a lot about risk management than an average person. Know about risk management in a microfinance entity.  This presentation is written in a practical way. Know what works and what does not. Learn about the lessons and challenges. Know about four microfinance institutions that collapsed in Uganda and why. These are things you only get from an expert.

Leadership -- the one thing that most people lack. They can manage yes, but finding a true leader is not easy. Here find the four As to exceptional leadership. Download and share with your team. Feel free to have Mustapha come and make a presentation to your team about how to be leaders whom others want to follow.

Feel free to print this Wall Poster and keep getting daily insights to lead your team to success. Become a leader whom others want to follow and create a great company. 

Here is the most comprehensive insurance fraud handbook provided by the leader in fraud education and management, the ACFE. The insurance fraud handbook is an authoritative book on all kinds of insurance fraud. 

Regardless of your industry, as an insurance industry consumer, this is a must read. You'll find lots of insights how insurance fraud occurs, the fraud schemes, the parties involved and how insurers and the insured get cheated or cheat each other. And why loss assessors are some of the rich guys in insurance companies. 

Get your copy today and get informed. With information, everything is possible.

You can find the direct download link from the ACFE website here.

Every day you open your computer and connect it to the Internet, you expose yourself to risks of hacking, viruses and a plethora of risks like spam mails. Some of these are inevitable and not even the overzealous firewalls and filtering can stop spam mails. They will always come through.  The risk with spam emails is that they consume your mail storage space or eat up your time as you attempt to delete them. That is lost productivity and it is expensive to the business.

Feel free to download my presentation at the ISACA seminar. You'll find lots of insights and help protect yourself from online risks.

In response to the cybercrime challenges, United Kingdom has set aside £650m (US $1,010m) to address the challenge head-on. This is the future of security. You can click here to download the entire UK Government cyber security strategy or download from the permanent link below

Unlike physical security, cybercrime or cyber war has no geographical limitations. Any country worth its name is investing a lot of resources in developing capacity to create, manage and use cyber weapons and advanced cyber defense systems for national security.

Are you a senior manager? Have you read the Art of War by Sun Tzu? I don't care how many strategy books you've read. This is a must read for you. Written in 9010, this book remains the best of the best in unlocking your understading of how to beat your enemy in any endeavor. Majority of us get defeated because along the way we fail to follow the strategies.

Each chapter is an MBA of sorts in terms of educating you how to achieve all your life endeavours. Read and succeed. And when you make the money, call me and thank me for recommending you to read this small book.

I got this book from an on-line library which I subscribe to and I am allowed to share any great resources I like for my audience as long as I do so for educational purposes and free of charge. So here you have this small book. Read it and internalise. You'll be 50 times better than an average person who has not found time to read it. Enjoy and succeed -- Mustapha B Mugisa, Your Success partner.

Do you want to learn through reading. This is the best short book of its genre. It has a powerful message and unforgoteble characters to give you life lessons and change the way you look at life. I recommend you read this book.

It is available here because, I am allowed to share with appropriate attribution. Written by Spenser Johnson, this is the best little book on change I read for my MBA and it made a whole lot of difference for me.

You too read it and succeed.

The common type of fraud in Uganda banks is cheque fraud -- people steal cheques and forge the signature and amounts of the legitimate owner.

Download this free cheque fraud stop checklist and stop fraud in your bank.

It is worth US $ 40 dollars. But it is yours for free today! Do you need to surprise your boss that you love your job? If yes, download, print and deliver it to the attention of your immediate supervisor. You could also display on your notice boards. Fraud is a big cost, and any efforts to reduce it is always appreciated.

If you cannot detect the fogery, you need training on how to detect forged checks. Feel free to give us a shout!

Think big

m1"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life." Abraham Maslow.


m5"Big dreams are possible only when you strive. The moment of success comes from small successes on big dreams, and the power of sticking with them. And mind it, never ever giving up." Mustapha Mugisa

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"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." -- Henry Ford

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