What explains the low impact of #covid19 in Africa, thus far?

Coronavirus has been ravaging the world now for six months. However, for some reason, it has found it tough to enjoy the blood of

Coronavirus has been ravaging the world now for six months. However, for some reason, it has found it tough to enjoy the blood of Africans in Africa. And this is good news. For now, the coronavirus related cases have remained within manageable levels. On the table of the covid19 pandemic cases board, this is the only ‘bad’ global statistics that Africa has remained at the bottom. It is good that way.

As of today, 27th June 2020, 9.7 million people globally have been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus. Out of which 4.9 million have successfully recovered, and 492,807 have died. May their Souls Rest in Eternal Peace.

South Africa, with a population of approximately 58 million people, is the only African country in the top 20 most covid-19 affected countries at number 18, with total confirmed infections of 124,590. That is a percapita coronavirus infection rate of just 0.215%, far better than the US at 0.765% (Table 1).

Carefully study the following tables and charts:

Graph 1: confirmed cases

Graph 2: Covid19 percapita infection rate

 Table 1: Comparative analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on three countries.

  1. The impact of COVID-19 has been low in selected African countries compared to developed countries, specifically the United States of America.
  2. South Africa with a population of 58m, has 124,590 reported cases. And Uganda with a population of 43 million people, has just 833 confirmed cases, with zero death. It has been said that the number of confirmed cases reported in Africa are few due to low testing rate. Be it as it may, no one hides an elephant. It is difficult to hide a high death rate due to a disease declared as a global pandemic. So far, no global media has registered a higher than usual death in African countries than the natural or normal death rate.
  3. With the total population of 58 million people, at the coronavirus death rate of 0.039% currently in the US, the total number of people who would have died due to the disease would be 22,430. However, today only 2,340 have been reported dead. And applied to Uganda, a total of 16,521 would have died. But the country is yet to register any death.
  4. World Health Organisation needs to carefully examine the state of Coronavirus in Africa. What exactly explains the current statistics? I do not think that the low impact of the virus in terms of infection rate or death rate is due to inadequate testing facilities. If that was the case, a higher death rate beyond the usual should be reported by now by the global media. But that is not yet done.

I need your help, why is the impact of coronavirus on Africans in Africa low?

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