2014 : what is your resolve?

We are two days to 2014. It is the time of the year to consolidate your achievements and plan for the new-year. Many advisers

We are two days to 2014. It is the time of the year to consolidate your achievements and plan for the new-year.

Many advisers [mentors and coaches] have probably told you to make resolutions for 2014. You don’t need to make resolutions. You need to resolve. Decide, act and never give up.

Don’t say I want to reduce weight.

Resolve to reduce weight by running at least four kilometers, twice a week; and 10 kilometers (MTN Kampala marathon) once a year. My experience is any exercise that does not involve covering some distance is very ineffective as far benefiting from exercising is concerned. Going to the gym is good, but not effective as running or swimming and similar exercises that involve covering a distance.

For that reason, adult games in their bedroom do not count as exercises despite the massive energy that is expended. Reason: no distance is covered in those games.

Resolve one: run at least twice a week.

Put your plans into perspective

If you are 25 years plus, chances are that you have been planning for some time now. It is likely that you have not yet put your plans into perspective over a long planning horizon. For example, when did you last plan? How far have you achieved? Taken together, are your annual achievements leading you to a bigger achievement over the years?

I just realized that in the past decade to date, I married the love of my life. I am blessed with four children; I began my own business and published my first book. I can say with confidence, the past 10 years have defined by future. I turned down the opportunity to travel to the land of dreams because I am now a family man!

The point is: what have you done to yourself in the last 10 years in the following faculties:

Family: are you married or cohabiting? Do you intend to get children? How old are you? When do you plan to attain these social objectives? If you don’t want to have the kids, what is that you want to attain on the social front? I don’t know about you, having a family is a priority for all. It is advisable to have kids as early as possible. That way, you have time to support their growth and provide the needed parenting. If you produce your first born at 25 years, will be 20 years when you are 55 old! And you will be about 60 years, when s/he is marrying! It makes sense to have kids at an early age as possible. Don’t wait to get more money in order to marry. Money is never enough. Just do it now.

Investments: If you are 35 years, you are advised to have finished producing kids and now are focusing on investing for them. You have another 10 years to do this, after which, you will begin enjoying the efforts of you hard work. Investments where you make money without your physical involvement are the best. That is why occupational investments like a doctor having a private clinic or a lawyer with a law firm, are a means to an end but not an end in itself. Why? You need to be physically available in order to make money. And you don’t want an investment like that. Having investment properties like rentals, stocks, and investing in other well managed small businesses is one of the best ideas you can have.

You don’t have to resolve twice.

Wishing you the very best of 2014 and beyond.

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