2015 Christmas in the village, part 1

The journey to the village on 24th December 2015 was a great one. Despite some poor planning on my part the previous day, we

The journey to the village on 24th December 2015 was a great one. Despite some poor planning on my part the previous day, we were finally on the road, and arrived safely. We had planned to be in Munteme village, Munteme Parish, Kiziranfumbi sub-country, Buhaguzi County in Hoima district at 12:30pm or thereabout. We did not make it on time.

On 23rd Dec 2015, I was in office most of the day closing the year. I had just received two great end of year bumper gifts and closed a last minute business deal. Those were special Christmas gifts. Time check 6:30pm. I called my wife to pick me so we use one car home. It is good to save on fuel, right? As we talked about the journey the following day, we realized we have not been to the village for the last 12 months. We had to do last minute shopping.

At home, the kids were in the travel mode. My wife did the packing of all essentials needed, as I watched my usual “California Investigator” on Dstv. I find investigations as one of the few professions where you put all your brains to work. Connecting the dots is so engaging that when you reach the final dot to close the case and find out the truth, your heart is pounding as if you are reaching the peak in adult games! That is why I love forensics and fraud.


We had planned to hit the road by 6am. We woke up at 8am, and set off at 9:20am. It was too late. From Kiwatule to Hoima road via Northern bypass was a nightmare. Snake like traffic jam from Ntinda junction, climaxing at Kalerwe junction ensured we left town at 11:50am! It was annoying. How do I continue to make the same mistake year after year? Finally, we were on the main road, heading to Hoima. With my wife in the co-driver seat and the kids in the back sit, making all kinds of noise for a long journey. It was good having everyone in one car and bonding. “I have to be sober. Drive carefully.” I kept reminding myself, seeing all of us in one car.

As we approached Busunju, the kids were in sleep mode. Hunger had begun pinching me. I had sworn not to eat roadside delicacies. As if to test my taste buds, my wife started “I can’t wait tasting that nyama choma in Busunju.” I kept quiet.

We reached the trading center, and I pulled aside. She went and bought roasted gonja, roasted goat (on sticks), and roast chicken. The aroma was overwhelming the kids had to wake up instantly. At first I resisted, until I could resist no more. I grabbed the goat stick, and punished it instantly. The car became lively again. I am sure the kids will never forget that memory. After Busunju, the road is smooth, and we had uneventful drive. We arrived in Hoima at about 4pm! I was slow on the road. Once I hit 90 k/h my wife reminds me to join competitive motor sport if I need speed. That was enough to ‘disenfranchise’ me, in Besigye speak.

Thanks to my wife’s thoughtfulness, we had bought Christmas cakes and some gifts for some of family and friends in Hoima. We did a round, delivering to each. The feeling of seeing a friend’s genuine smile is very fulfilling. You get to gain some spiritual weight and it feels. Hoima town is too dusty. We found some few roads had some fresh coat of stones, though not enough. It is a relief. When you live in Kampala, you could easily wonder how folks that side survive such excessive dust without daily medical emergencies. Now I see why Michael Jackson (RIP) could not bear the dust in Africa!

It is abnormal, unless you are used to it daily.

It is our habit when going to the village, not to eat in restaurants. We don’t want to spoil our appetite. We had had only roast goat and gonja since morning. We were stretching the kids’ patient. It was now 5:40pm, and the yearning was getting out of hand.

The 30 kms journey from Hoima town to Munteme is a very tough one. The road is so bad, you hate coming home. Thank God it never rained while we were there. Three quarter of the road has so many deep potholes that you cannot drive past 10kph!

We arrived at about 7pm. It was lovely being home after a long day. I had planned to visit my friends and OBs in the evening but could not do it. We just enjoyed the great village meal.

To be continued…

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