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9,000 ghosts cut off payroll

After the introduction of the decentralized salary payment system in January 2014, at least 9,000 file s have been deleted from payroll. Minister of Finance, Ms Maria Kiwanuka told Parliament on 15th May 2014 that the system was intended to address problems that were detected under the centralized salary payment system.

“The centralized payment system included ghost public servants,” added Maria. But the decentralized system has helped to solve the problems of ghost workers. This translates into the saving of approximately Ugx3billion per month.

Pastor arrested over land title forgery

Mr. Jimmy Kasadha, a pastor of Centre of Life Church in Butende village in Iganga district was arrested by Iganga police on 15th May 2014 over forgery. The pastor is suspected to have forged a land title.

Jimmy was arrested after his sister-in-law Ms Aidah Nakaziba accused him of attempting to steal her two acres of land. Jimmy claims to have bought the land in 2008 at a cost of Ugx1.3 million. Meanwhile Aidah said she bought the land way back in 2001 at Ugx130, 000.

Parliament seeks Ugx11billion for construction

The Parliamentary Commission is seeking Ugx11billion to add another floor to the Parliamentary building and also renovate Development House. The Chairperson of the Legal and Parliament Affairs Committee, Mr. Stephen Tashobya said renovation of the Development House would accommodate 100 Members of Parliament (MPs). And could save Ugx2.5billion annual rent paid for MPs accommodation in private premises.

Uganda has a total number of 385 MPs. With the construction of a new floor at the Parliamentary building and space at Development House all MPs can be accommodated in government premises.

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