A victim of stolen computer or phones? Worry NO More!

It is reported that over 150 computers and mobile phones are reported to Uganda Police as having been stolen on a daily basis. There

It is reported that over 150 computers and mobile phones are reported to Uganda Police as having been stolen on a daily basis. There are many other victims who don’t file police reports, an indication that the problem of theft is very big.

As an investigator and fraud examiner, my experience is that when your computer or mobile devise is stolen, the biggest loss is not the value of the asset, rather the value of data, software, applications, and information on it. Thieves target high end devises like iPads, smart phones and laptops — many of which are owned by CEOs, managers and public servants. Such devices contain a lot of valuable and classified data.

For example, chances are over 90% that a laptop of a parliamentarian contains top government strategies, positions and top caucus secret discussions. How do you ensure the security of such information in an event of theft of the officer’s computer? For this reason, data and software on the computer is usually 80 or more times valuable than the physical computer of phone itself.

And for your information, the inability to recover data or information on the computer in the event of loss makes insurance insufficient risk management strategy for theft. Your best bet is to back up your data. But this has cost and security implications, as more copies of your original data you make, the more exposed it becomes. It is a tough balancing act.

So which solution works best?

You got it. Tracking your assent in an event of a loss.

Summit Consulting Ltd (www.summitcl.com) has invested in a solution that can help you in tracking and recovery of your stolen computers and mobile communication devices like laptops, iPads, and mobile phones.

To benefit from our services, you must first register with us so that your asset unique details are added on our server that has global asset tracking capabilities. As long as it is near Wi-Fi or you connect it to the Internet, we will get it back. That is the assurance.

Our solution is called SummitTrackX. It works on advanced satellite and web technology; which helps track any pre-registered computer/ phone after it has been reported as lost. Never worry again about losing your computer again. We put a small agent on the computer motherboard and connect it to the Bios which help keep your asset on our radar. Whether they format the machine or not, we will get them as long as they are greedy enough to want to use the stolen item.

As you can imagine, we cannot and do not do any physical recovery work.  That is for law enforcement.

For our solution to work, we must work with law enforcement which does the physical search and recovery. That is their mandate. Ours is to support their work and make it as easy as a-b-c. We give them a report with complete details of the asset’s location.

When a registered machine is reported as lost, we start tracking it and give a report to Police pertaining to the specific location of the asset to help recover it wherever it asset in the world.

Our solution is unique and it is the first in Uganda. We have tried to study and research the shortcomings of the several existing tracking systems. And we can say, we finally have a solution that works in Uganda.

To subscribe, call us on +256414231136 or email premium[at]summitcl[dot]com.

Worry no more.

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