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  We know the pain to family, close relatives, and friends when a loved one dies. But a befitting tribute of the life well-lived


We know the pain to family, close relatives, and friends when a loved one dies. But a befitting tribute of the life well-lived by the late is always treasured. This may be the best gift not only to the late but old friends in distant lands and the future generation to know who the person truly was.

We write obituaries or tributes to tell stories of Ugandans, dead or alive, that are often poorly told. And we provide this service free of charge. To read some tributes, click here.

The project founder

I am called Mustapha Bernabas Mugisa, aka Mr. Strategy. I run a personal blog at  mustaphabm3.sg-host.com, which is ranked by Alexa.com among the top 100 most popular websites in Uganda, and the top 90,000 websites in the world, indicating it is popular. The New vision ranks among the top 50!

In March 2020, I started a section on obituaries for Ugandans that have had an illustrious career, but for some reason, their works and stories are not well told for the current and next generation to learn. For the few tributes written, visit www.mustaphamugisa, and search for “tribute”.

Want an obituary written?

You can request to have your relative’s obituary written by contacting me at strategy@summitcl.com or use any contact points on, mustaphabm3.sg-host.com, or WhatsApp +256782610333. I receive so many requests, so I handle on a first come first handled basis. But I always reply to all requests. If you do not receive feedback within 48 hours, try calling me on the WhatsApp number stated.

If you are selected, all work is done free of charge as part of telling our own Ugandan stories, with the support of the corporate social investment by Summit Consulting Ltd (www.summitcl.com) which does the designing.

Want to tell a life’s story?

You can be part of telling your own story by having us write your biography or do a question and answer session about your life’s work. To see sample life’s work, click here, https://www.mustaphamugisa.com/?s=life+work or here https://bit.ly/3eF4qaK  To publish your biography, contact us too.

How to sustain the project

You are welcome to join by donating any money you can afford and be part of this project.  To donate, send mobile money to +256782610333, and state “Obituary project support by xx”, you will receive an acknowledgement.

Thanks for your support. Be blessed. And be a blessing.

Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy.
Team Leader, Summit Consulting Ltd.

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