Always ask yourself: after worrying, what next? Part 2

In 2014, I published my first book, “Your three keys to a worry-free life”, below is an introduction to the book by Fr. Paulino

In 2014, I published my first book, “Your three keys to a worry-free life”, below is an introduction to the book by Fr. Paulino Mondo, then a Priest at Mbuya Parish.

During this tough period of the #covid19 pandemic, I am sharing the book chapter by chapter. Keep coming back and learn how to live a worry-free life or how to worry less.

Here we go with the Introduction.

Unhappiness, worry, and anxiety can have a huge impact on your health especially as you get older. Your mood is a very powerful force that can impact your daily life. To be happy and worryfree, you need to make an effort to succeed by managing your finances well. Once you do this, you will be healthier and live longer. As you will learn in this great book, worrying is a state of mind that pulls you down. Always ask yourself: after worrying, what next? Worrying doesn’t solve any of your problems, it makes them worse. It is better to live within the limitations of whatever worries you and decide to be happy.

In Your Three Keys to a WorryFree Life, Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa, helps you discover your ability to control your financial destiny for a happy life. Things that cause stress will always happen to you or people will often stress you. You have to shift your energy from worry to hope. Even though it is not easy, it is possible as explained in this book. In Biblical terms, it is calledstillness a moment of awareness, presence and being when you commune with God and enter a co-creative plane of love. It refers to a zone of possibilities, of miracles, of each moment as magical coincidences. In psychology, this is often referred to as ‘state management’-where you gain mastery of the internal movies running in your head and take real ownership, responsibility, and accountability. Your thoughts are generated from your movies and these, in turn, determine your emotions which finally drive your actions. You can re-train your mind and run consistent strategies that will lead to a happier, healthier and wealthier you! It is not mere happenstance; it is simply a choice, backed by aligned actions as you will find out.  

The challenges and worries of life will never disappear; however, you can channel your energy into creating value and solutions regardless of your circumstance! As you focus on having a ‘worry-free’ life, have a positive and purposeful life. The more you step into your light; your darkness fades away into insignificance. The world is waiting for your magnificent spirit! Your Three Keys to a WorryFree Life invites you to move towards living a healthier, happier and wealthier you through a clear and practical process to start getting closer to your dream. This is a great book for everyone, especially the youth, as it contains practical tools to develop clear a purposeful mindset.

The practical step by step insights by Mustapha in Your Three Keys to a WorryFree Life will help you get out of every situation that you feel you are getting too much involved in without mutual benefits. This will keep you centred and aware of your true north. And this awareness will give you power, peace, and happiness. I am aware that it takes time to end the habit of worrying when they have been with you for a long time. However, if you apply the insights in this book you will be able to eliminate such worries.

This awareness and constant action will gradually change the way you think about personal success until you are no longer attached to anything that pulls you down and therefore gives you a good state of mind for your ultimate success in your business and life. Mustapha uses his personal experiences to help you improve regardless of your current success or condition.

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