America Decides 2020: what was on the ballot

Why the bother? Why is the rest of the world on the edge as the results of the US Presidential Election is announced? This

Why the bother? Why is the rest of the world on the edge as the results of the US Presidential Election is announced? This election comes at a tough time for humanity. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed health systems worldwide and the devastating power of inequality. President Trump has been accused of failing to make timely interventions to protect the American People from this deadly virus, COVID-19.

It is a catch 22.

In a democracy like America, people do what people want. Martial law does not work. Whereas other countries can decree a total lockdown, curfew time, and mandatory spray to sanitize at specific checkpoints, many Americans would find an issue with such announcements.

But that was not the only issue on the ballot.

The issue of race in America was also on the ballot. The United States of America always gets divided during the elections and you will see the prominent Red and Blue states. That is a fact America must address. The two major party system is an ever-present divide. But how do you fix the race issue? The general attitude of the Police towards African Americans is always a point of contention. It is as if there is a Judicial system for African Americans and another for Non-African Americans. In this country of immigrants, it appears that only African Americans receive the harshest extent of the law when it comes to its application. So many cases abound to explain the unfair treatment. But other analysts say African Americans always play the victim card for sympathy treatment. And that African Americans who get up and work, do their best, have made it big in America. It is a debate we all found owing to the long history of that country, attributed to the sorry old days of slavery. Only Americans have the authority to debate this issue. When you are a frequent traveler and visit some countries in Europe, Asia, UAE, and even in Africa, you will be a subject of some racist treatment. So, this is not only an American issue. It is a global issue. What I am saying is no president can deal with the race issue. Only the American people can. And that boils down to the education system and family values. What are the parents teaching the children?

The issue of foreign policy was on the ballot. American’s global influence is attributed to its soft power mechanisms. You have America in everything that goes to your brains just like you have China for everything that you use at home. In this global vision thing, we have been made to understand, all well-curated research papers, medical developments, and thought leadership insights are all made in America. We turn to America for budget support. For research funding. For health support. And for technology. Even our democracy. Trump has been seen as a President less interested in deepening America’s soft power.

The environment was on the ballot.

To be continued…

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