Are disciplined, write well and greet elders: Qualities of winning children Part 5

It means you must practice how to write well. Don’t write like doctors whose things many never understand.  Practice how to write the letters well so that teachers can read your handwriting. Also, remember to be disciplined by respecting elders and prefects. You need to listen to the class captain. Also, discipline means you greet elders in the morning or evening.

There are important things that give you marks and one of them is writing well.

Remember what our parents always say to us, when you are disciplined it means you are likely to become successful. If you are disciplined, you are good and everyone will be you be your friend. Your parents will be proud of you.

There are stupendous things if you listen.

For emphasis:

You need to read hard to be the best to work hard and to be the top 5. Write well teachers will love your work and tell your parents you are good because of your handwriting and good answers. To greet elders is to greet people you pass by e.g. parents, grandparents, nephew, pedestrians. These will always love you.

That way you become a good child.

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