Are focused. Have nice friends: Qualities of winning children Part 9

Who are your friends? Are they hardworking? Do they pay attention in class or they keep playing even when the teacher is around? If yes, such children are not focused on. You need friends who are disciplined. Read their books and do not disturb.

Always have good friends. The people who encourage you to read hard. The children who are focused.

If someone is always failing in class, makes noise and is not hard-working, avoid such people because they may discourage you.

When you focus on working hard you score good marks. If you score good marks, teachers love you.

People who score good marks always want to associate with those who score good marks. Those are the friends you need since they are also focused.

Nice friends do not fight with you. They share and always discuss good things.

Thank you and just remember that your mind is your greatest weapon.


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