Are you challenged to surprise yourself daily?

The best freedom is an open mind. That is why outstanding leaders create an environment of frank and free communication.

In today’s business environment characterized by ever-changing technology, there is nothing like ‘what I have done is the best.’ Anyone in a leadership position must focus on supporting staff to surprise themselves in terms of the quality of work done to deliver exceptionally outstanding stuff.


You must create an environment of openness to feedback. Are you open to questions and feedback from your peers, seniors, and juniors? A good manager should be.

No person wants someone who is a closed mind. That ‘his or her work is the best.’ ‘or their mother cooks the best in old speak. NO.

You must establish a system of on-going improvements. Take the example of a report that was written three years ago. Much as it must be well-branded, the contents of the report should be more vibrant and comprehensive than the one done earlier. Any staff that goes overboard to challenge the status quo has the right mindset to become the best in their respective field.

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Does your work challenge you to do your best daily? If not, that is a tale-tell chance are high that you are not improving.

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