Are you disciplined? Do you keep time?

For the early development of a child, you need the love of a mother and the discipline of the father. However, I know many

For the early development of a child, you need the love of a mother and the discipline of the father. However, I know many children are not lucky to have the presence of both parents in their lives. These kids need the love and discipline of the parent in their lives.

Children learn by doing not by talking.

Poor children have the advantage of seeing their parents in action daily. A single mother will be restless until she finds what to eat. This provides great lessons to children. Rich parents who expose their children to action at an early age offer them great opportunities since they give them a big picture Mindspark, unlike poor parents who tend to give their children a ‘small’ picture hardworking if you get want I mean.

You want your children to do the right thing at the right time, in the right place. And that is where a timetable comes in handy.

A timetable helps you manage time. Time management is the key to success. If students come late to class or staff come late for meetings, the chances of winning are reduced. Imagine finding the teacher in the middle of a lesson. How do you win or catch-up?

During school, we were taught to keep time for all lessons. You would be punished if you came late for class. It meant standing in front of the class for the entire remaining section of the lecture!

This timekeeping discipline entered my mind. I know it is not acceptable to be late for any meeting whether with juniors or seniors. The habit of keeping time is built in my mind. If I estimate the inability to make it in time for the agreed meeting due to sudden traffic jam, I make a phone call to update. It is called discipline. It is not acceptable to keep anyone waiting no matter how big or senior your position. This is called discipline. When you keep time, it shows that you respect all concerned. Imagine calling for a meeting and being the last to attend the same meeting you called?

Once time goes, it never comes back.

Being organized is the best. Plan and prepare to win. Better sweat in peacetime than bleed in battle. The best timetable is prepared by the student himself. During this #covid19 lockdown, better sweat in your living room doing exercises.

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