Are you driving in the rear-view mirror?

If you drive a car or use a taxi, you have seen the driver looking ahead through the main driving screen or looking tilting

If you drive a car or use a taxi, you have seen the driver looking ahead through the main driving screen or looking tilting the head to see what is behind through the side or rear-view mirrors or the overhead mirror.

When the driver looks in the rear-view mirror, s/he is trying to take note of what is coming from behind. When the driver looks through the main driving mirror, they are looking ahead of the road – to see where she or he is heading.

A great driver knows that both mirrors are critical for a safe drive.

To avoid accidents, the driver needs both mirrors. However, which of the two should the driver spend a lot of time looking through — the front driving mirror or the rear-view mirror?

To reduce chances of accidents, do you drive looking ahead or backwards? Much as the rear view mirrors are important, the driver spends most of the time driving looking ahead to where s/he is going. It is only at certain points when they want to turn or change lines that they look in the rear view mirrors to see what is behind. Drivers make use of the rear view when there is a decision needed to be taken. However, for most of the time during the journey, they are looking ahead.

The same thing happens to your life.

How much of your time do you spend looking ahead  –  thinking about your future?

Thinking about your life, health, career and networks in five to ten years ahead, and asking what changes you must make now to make the desired life a reality. Stop planning theoretically. You must first identify your desired future achievements and sacrifice today by investing in capabilities and systems that will make it happen!

Rear view mirror thinker?

How much of your time do you spend thinking about your past? How you have been suffering, the problems in your family and village, why things can’t work, and the many friends and neighbours who say to you stop working hard because you cannot make it?

Life is about making a choice and identifying priorities to make it happen by clear focus. Are you going to focus on the main mirror or on the rear view road? The more you focus on the rear-view road, the more chances of you stagnating. As you make choices, make a habit of prioritizing top three things you are going to do to move ahead.

Remember life is about thinking about the future and using the lessons from your past to avoid the mistakes that drags you.

The future is everything. That is where you are going to spend most of your life and time. Better start thing about it now.


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