Are you enjoying it?

How much money does someone need to be happy? What amount of money once you accumulate, you do not need to work anymore? What makes you happy?

The answer may be difficult than you think.

Pursuing money is not an easy endeavour. It is difficult to have enough of it. Whatever you earn, you keep yearning for more. It is like eating popcorns – you cannot settle until they are finished.
You are unlikely to stop looking for money. Now is the time to enjoy what you do as you earn it. Are you in the right department? Do you love your job? Can you work even without pay? That is what enjoying it means.

You see vendors by the roadside enjoying what they do. But someone in a corner office, with a gloomy face. They seem to be annoyed all the time.
The secret, therefore, is not to look for money at any cost. That could be the wrong focus. You need to look for impact: how do you make the lives of your colleagues, peers, associates, clients, friends and family and general society well off because of what you do.

At Summit Consulting ( and Institute of Forensics & ICT Security (, when we receive a note of thanks from transformed clients we get the fuel to come to work the next day. When someone calls to appreciate the small contribution we made in their lives, it makes our day. This is the oil of professionals. The positive impact we make to the community – directly or indirectly.

Are you enjoying it?
To enjoy it, what is it that you pursue?

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