Are you failing enough? If you fail again, it means you are alive! Keep failing

If you fail, it means you are trying. If you fail again, it means you are alive. If you fail, again and again and

If you fail, it means you are trying. If you fail again, it means you are alive. If you fail, again and again and again, it means you seek to make a different to society. That is good of you. It means you’re not comfortable with the status quo.

I cannot imagine the number of times I was discouraged from starting a business magazine (Summit Business The first thing they would tell me was: “you’re not a journalist”.

Now I know, you don’t have to be a journalist, to run a successful publications business. Since 2008, I’ve been publishing Summit Business Review magazine, and now it is a hobby. Just being able to keep it running to date, is success in itself. It is called staying power.

Just as you don’t have to first be a CEO, to become a CEO. You just have to do it with passion.

Based on the daily feedback we receive, I think you can become the best journalist by just loving to express yourself and what you know, regardless of your qualification. My background as a fraud examiner and forensic expert requires us to answer these key questions in respect to any case that they bring to us:


Did what,



How, and 


If you can answer all the above questions with supporting watertight evidence, you would make a best investigator. I just realised that journalists too, are taught to follow the same guide in respect to any story they cover.

This makes any qualification, no matter what, as one of the best places to find great journalists. All you need is to love it.

So, don’t feel incapacitated. Don’t allow people who have not tried something meaningful to advise you.  They don’t deserve your time.

The rule is: only people doing better than you, should be your advisors. Be it a consultant, doctor, priest, teacher, etc… ensure that only those better than you have your time.

Get their names, Google them, ask friends, question their understanding, find out about them until you are sure they will add something new to your current condition.

Keep trying. Never give up

Have a lovely Friday and weeked.


Mustapha B Mugisa, MBA.

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