Automate your risk management processes

How would you answer the following questions? What keeps your leadership up at night? Do you experience challenges with strategy execution, risk management, and

How would you answer the following questions?

  1. What keeps your leadership up at night?
  2. Do you experience challenges with strategy execution, risk management, and staff or strategy meetings?
  3. What is the risk to you?
  4. Who is responsible for risk identification, assessment, analysis, reporting, and on-going monitoring?
  5. Do you keep your risk register in MS Excel? How often do you update your risk register?
  6. How much does performance management processes cost your business?
  7. How do you know if your team’s everyday work is linked to the overall corporate strategy?
  8. Are your team’s everyday actions strategically aligned?
  9. Do you (or your team) struggle to swiftly and effortlessly report on the progress of business objectives, goals and projects?

Make time and discuss the above questions with your top management team. Our analysis shows that inefficiencies in the governance process of strategy implementation and risk management account for over 30% of the total revenue. If you automated such processes, you could have instant business gains!

Many leaders responsible for revenue and profits cannot sleep if sales are going the wrong way. They cannot find sleep either if the business is bleeding in terms of high costs due to losses, bad debts, and process inefficiency.

With automation and empowering the front-line people to take responsibility, many of these leaks can be fixed.

And that is what the action TEAM GRC – a Governance, Risk, and Compliance software which has been developed by Summit Consulting Ltd deliver. actionTEAM GRC is packed with functionalities and dashboards for running your entire business from planning your strategy right through to tracking and execution.

Are you a business leader interested in cost savings? Do you want to free a lot of time for your middle and top leaders to focus on strategic thinking and execution, instead of spending a lot of time managing processes?

The actionTEAM GRC solution is for you. It is an affordable tool, that is fully customizable to meet your business needs, regardless of the industry. Unlike many off-the-shelf tools and software which are made for developed markets but distributed globally for the sake of it, we have developed a solution where you will use over 99% of the features you pay for.

ActionTEAM GRC tool helps monitor progress against the set scorecard targets, enabling your team to focus on the big picture. actionTEAM GRC will also automate risk management processes for consistent risk management across the business.

Knowledge is power. Before you scratch your head about how to reduce operating costs during these tough pandemic times of dynamic change, call us for a free demo. You will not only learn a lot, but your team will also be empowered to think away from the legendary box that constrains free thinking.

For a demo, contact us using any of the contacts on this blog. To know more about actionTEAM GRC, download this brochure >>

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