Barriers to effective strategy execution point 3

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#3 Poor staffing

Are your key focus areas with the right people responsible for driving them? Are there clear targets to measure progress on whether they are doing a good job or not? Are your weekly SMT meetings brainstorming meetings or are about reporting on performance against set targets in their respective scorecard performance areas?

It is difficult to analyse effective staffing unless you have clear scorecard targets per pillar or strategic focus area.

Most of the time, you find wrong people in the right places. For example, business leaders make a strategy, and are required to hire talented people to champion given pillars but find these people are non-existent. It is like getting a very big car tyre for a trailer and putting it on a Toyota Premio. Of course, the tyre will not fit. If it does fit, the car won’t move. The tyre was not made up for that.

As explained earlier, great tailors will tell you that you must buy dresses that fit.

If a shirt is too big, it will make the wearer too think. If the dress is too small, it will not fit the body. That is what poor recruitment does to your business.

When you get the right people and put them in the wrong places, you will have problems. It is like getting a right tyre but putting it on a wrong car. If you get wrong people, put them in the right places, it is like getting a new tyre and putting it into a used very old car that can’t move. Effectively, you are misusing resources. That is total abuse. This is the kind of situation in very many corporate offices. Somebody is highly qualified but posted in a position where they can’t deliver .This becomes a friction to the business.

As a leader, you need to carry out a human resource redeployment matrix after a thorough skills and functional analysis. You analyse people’s skills and experience, put them into places where they are ideal. Once you do this, execution will be shift.

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