Barriers to managing internal resources

In organizations, we have gotten so many departments; Human Resources, Finance & Administration, Sales, etc. Do we really need all these departments?

For example, if you a HR department, what value do they put on the table? What are the key focus areas they should be held responsible for? If you don’t ask such questions, the chances of having people in HR who just come to sit, create a lot of chaos in the organization are very high. HR role is not to recruit. Their role if it ever exists is to facilitate departmental recruitments.

What do I mean by facilitation? If you have a sustainability and growth department, its key out is timely effective reporting, giving indicators of how the business is progressing based on the scorecard so that management data and facts so that decision are made. For them to deliver this kind of function, they will ask which kind of people does the organization need? They then ask HR that they need three people of such skills. The role of HR therefore is to facilitate the recruitment of such people. Nobody in HR should have the final say that we are recruiting this person. It is the respective department that should recommend the recruitment and have the final decision of the person to join their department.

You will find a lot of chaos, inefficiencies in departments where HR tends to do the role of the directors of other departments.

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