Mother is gold, and cannot be replaced. Chinua Achebe in his book “Things Fall Apart”, Mother is refered to as “Neka”. In the Nigerian

Mother is gold, and cannot be replaced. Chinua Achebe in his book “Things Fall Apart”, Mother is refered to as “Neka”. In the Nigerian Igbo language, it means Mother is Supreme.

In the book “Long Walk to Freedom”, by Nelson Mandela;he explains the most painful experience on Robben island prison.It was when he was denied to go and burry his mother. She had always made it a task despite her advanced age and sickness, to travel long distance and visit his son in prison.

The permission for her, was always after every six months, and time allocated was only thirty minutes to speak to her son.

Mothers see Reality away from fantasy. In the story of King Shaka of the Zulu; he was made to believe that he was immortal. He would never die. His mother Nandi told him, “my son, it is a lie. No human being is immortal, we shall all pass on” She pestered him to get an heir to the Zulu throne, which King Shaka never wanted.

When he discovered his wife had given birth to a baby boy, and they had hidden him away from Shaka’s wrath, he went, picked the baby boy and killed him.

Shortly after, the mother dies basically from shock. Shaka realizes he is not immortal, and leads himself to self destruction since he had no heir to the throne. He is actually later assassinated.

King Solomon, the man with highest wisdom in the world; confirmed that no mother can allow any harm to her born child.

During childhood days, for fear of swallowing chloroquine tablets, they used to itch alot. I would pretend am not sick, I could keep quiet and keep playing with others.

What a father could not see, she would already notice it. Then you hear a voice, ” You are sick, but you are pretending to play around. Come and take medicine! Very fast!”. How she could know, I can’t tell.

Mothers have little sleep . The care for her children is enormous. She is always half sleep, if you turned in bed, immediately, she would be up.

She keeps it a habit to wake up in the night and cover you. Since you have rolled and instead slept on to the blanket which is supposed to cover you. Fathers can always say,
” ah, am tired”.

In later years, even when old, whatever happens to one, even at place of work, she would be the most hurt. You are still her child, not that man or that woman. Whatever you do to one, please know that at a distance, his/her mother is watching. So take care.

They silently cry when we are not progressing in life. But they always keep hope that something better will happen for my child.

When my mother left her job in Kampala, and relocated to the village when we were young. I was the most unhappy.

I decided, I will leave school and return to Kampala alone. She asked me” What will you do when you reach there?”. I replied, ” I will polish people’s shoes by the street side!” I was not happy really.

Then she gently replied; ” Hold on just for a little while, you will go back when they are happy to polish yours instead”.

On our graduation day, it rained heavily a night before. When leaving Wandegeya towards Makerere Freedom square, smartly in my gown, my shoes were dirty. One man shouted;
“Our dear graduand! Come and I clean those shoes first! You have gone through a struggle! You deserve clean shoes!”

Even though I paid this man who did it happily, I was seeing instead my mother’s prophecy over my life, ” …go back when they are happy to polish yours instead”.
God bless you my mummy.

God bless you MOTHERS. You are our prophets in Life.

All over, let this day be yours:
Be blessed with Life, Health, Years and Joy. The little we have, let’s share it with mum at home. Definitely, mum will cook and give Dad to eat it.


Note: I received this article on my WhatsApp mobile as a forward. It is not written by me. And I don’t know the original author/s. The article will teach you a lesson and that is why I am sharing it. If you share, add this disclaimer.

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