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Are you are new board member or a seasoned one? what is the quality of the board meetings?



The quality of the board meetings depends on the quality of the board papers and how the information is presented. To avoid most boards being brainstorming and opinion meetings, well written board papers are critical. Download the two sample board papers for your information.

  1. Sample board paper_ case by case recommendation
  2. Key issues board paper
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“Mustapha is the best board trainer I have met. Mind you I have served on over 30 boards in a career spanning over 40 years. I have got lots of training while doing it. And then met Mustapha. He is a great trainer.” Mercantile Credit Bank Board Member

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If you want your board to improve its effectiveness, consider inviting Mustapha to orient your board or facilitate strategy sessions

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Mustapha offers the following training to Boards

mmuguisa_tickWhat makes an effective board member
mmuguisa_tickThe role of the board in strategy formulation and execution
mmuguisa_tickThe role of the board in risk management and compliance
mmuguisa_tickThe digital disruption and today’s Board member
mmuguisa_tickThe soft skills of the board member: how to chair meetings effectively
mmuguisa_tickRun effective board meetings.
mmuguisa_tickThe state of banking in Uganda 2016 (the most requested topic in 2017 by Bank boards)
mmuguisa_tickRelationship of the board with executive management

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You are free to contact us for a discussion of your unique training needs for a proposal.

Look forward to growing your business.

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