Template: Sample board paper (case by case recommendation)

Effective risk management is a mandate of the board. Currently, the risk management processes in the bank are manual, which makes the bank manage risks in a reactive instead of a proactive way. The general awareness of risk within the bank is low. This is attributed to poor risk culture, lack of risk education and ad-hoc processes.

Automation of the risk management processes at a cost of US $25,000, one-off and the US $ 4,000 annually will:

  • Reduce compliance risks as all staff, including the board will have a username and password to access the system and review the bank’s top risks anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce the need for more headcount in the risk department, therefore lower HR and attendant costs
  • Position the bank at the center of excellence in risk management, among peers
  • Make the bank’s risks process more attractive to partners and government
  • Comply with the new provisions in the Public Finance Management and Accountability Act, section 45(2) that requires the need to establish effective risk management processes

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