Building Resilient Businesses: Understanding how the smallest and most negligible risks can become the biggest disaster

A presentation by Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy.


A loud bang went off. A huge fire suddenly started. That Thursday morning, March 2017, at 10 a.m. brought total misery.

The Top Management Team, who were still in the morning meeting, looked out into the window and saw staff running past the main block, shouting: Fire. Fire. Fire.

Factory on fire. Fire. Fire.

The Chairman, also the owner of the business, a tall man with dark skin, could not believe his ears. He rushed out of the meeting. And ran towards the plant.

And there it was in a huge flame of fire.

He placed his hands on the knees like a goalkeeper does when trying to stop a spot-kick.

A friend came and held him tight.

They looked helpless as the fire burned everything. He was trembling and overwhelmed.

All that remained was a dark smoke hovering on top where the factory once stood.

By the time Fire Brigade arrived, it was all ashes.

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