How can we tame hunger?

For any country, the primary stakeholders are her citizens. Next are her strategic allies. What is our country doing to make life so light

For any country, the primary stakeholders are her citizens. Next are her strategic allies. What is our country doing to make life so light for all Ugandans and our allies?

After every five years, Ugandans go to the polling stations to elect leaders with the best ideas and choices of leading the country to prosperity. What happens when the choices promised are not delivered? How do the citizenries hold leaders accountable? Great thinkers advise that when a country does not choose what it will do well and what it will not do, it ends up being a mediocre country. “You cannot plan to do all things at the same time and succeed.” Great leaders first get the right people in the room and ask “what is our country’s current most pressing issue? What is it that we must fix urgently that will deliver the most value to the majority of Ugandans?”

Answers to the above questions may be different depending on the people in the room. But if you have the right people, and give them freedom to be open and frank, the answer would be – quality education. There is nothing that transforms societies like quality education as it opens up the mind. Unfortunately, transforming Uganda’s current education needs 10 to 20 years. That is a long period considering that every five years our country goes back to the polls.

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As a leader, you can make the most immediate impact by fixing health care. The results of any meaningful action would be instant. And don’t get it wrong. It requires renovating the current facilities, having the right personnel, tools and medicines. However, that may not be enough. The disease of most Ugandans is poor feeding. Fixing small scale farming through a corruption free scheme of empowering each and every household, in every corner of the country with effective irrigation systems, quality farming tools, free seeds and pre, during and post harvest support has potential of transforming our country into middle class within the next 10 years.


What is Uganda’s strategy? What choices has our country made to win with us, the stakeholders against all competitors and or adversaries?


Uganda is undoubtedly one of the most blessed countries in the world ideal for farming than any other activity. The challenge is that our farming practices are ad hoc and uncoordinated. It is not possible to identify a specific region or district with any particular key crop.

Government must create capabilities to produce certain crops in large quantities, consistently regardless of the season in a particular district. That will not only fix hunger; we will become a food tourism destination, and empower over 80% of our people with incomes. Then you can go ahead and build roads and the railway to those places because such infrastructure will be used by people with something to offer. You will have tamed, not only hunger, but the quality of life.

As we fix hunger, let’s not forget we shall have many people rushing to our country. That is a good thing. Let’s embrace them and join hands for greatness. Unless you team up, you cannot reproduce. We must continue making our country safe from threats both within and without.

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