Change and reaction to it

What is change? Are you changing for better or for worse? Remember, you shouldn’t fear change. Change is inevitable. When you are changing, where is the effort and driver for change coming from?

Effective change comes from within the system not outside. If change came outside the system, you become the frog which kept on feeling that it is warm yet it was in a saucepan full of water being boiled. The pan was on fire and heating. The heat kept increasing until the frog was roasted alive. The change was coming from out, and the frog did not react to it. It kept enjoying increasing warmth.


Are you changing for better or for worse?


Any change that comes from outside will find you unprepared. Your work is to be alert of the environment. Keep doing intelligence so that you anticipate change and initiate internally. The frog wouldn’t have died had it done intelligence and felt that the rate of change of the heat is higher than it is normally used to.

In your life, you are always going to be experiencing change. Are you going to be anticipating it so that you make the right choice before it overwhelms you? Always be cognisant of yourself and start change within. This is why globally anything that has worked, began from within the system.

If you are going to improve, start with yourself.

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