Chapter 2, Your First Key to a worry-free life

Master the Five F’s to positive Mindset To live a worry-free life, you must master and apply the five Fs to happiness and proper

Master the Five F’s to positive Mindset

To live a worry-free life, you must master and apply the five Fs to happiness and proper mindset, which together form the first key. The 5-Fs refer to the five critical areas of your life that you must balance to be successful. It all starts with your mind. You need to have the right mindset.

To be happy, you need to be clear of what success means to you. Is it about owning 20 apartments in affluent areas of Kololo in Kampala (Uganda), Nyarutarama in Kigali (Rwanda), Lavington in Nairobi (Kenya), in Manhattan NY (US) or being able to afford the basic needs and wants easily while making a positive impact in your community?

How exactly do you define success?

To test your success IQ and assess your level of success, answer the following questions:

Table 1: personal success reality check

As indicated in Table 1, you will be successful once you can balance the five Fs. Are you financially independent, physically fit and healthy, with great friends and social respect? Are you fluent and knowledgeable and have faith? These are areas that life is all about.

If you have not struggled to answer the above questions in the positive, then you are already on a strong foundation for success. This book will help strengthen that foundation. However, if you don’t have ready answers, don’t worry. Just read on.

As you read, you will discover how to balance the Fs to success and start living a worry-free life. Do you know that most people live their entire life worried about targets, debts, loans, regrets, and indecision?  It does not matter how many things are taking your attention. What matters is balancing the five Fs for your success. Let us dive deep into the first F and explore how you can take control of it before it takes control over you.

This first key to worry-free life is the biggest chapter in this book due to its importance to your success. Attaining financial success is a pre-requisite to all other areas of your life. You need money to have a wonderful family, have fun, keep fit and praise God. So much that great friendships are expensive these days.

Bear with me as I explore the subject of financial independence in more detail, and a step by step process by which you can turn your fortunes around. Remember, taking action is what separates failures and success stories. And that the alphabet starts with A, for action. Do take action to win. Master the keys and act upon them.

In the next post, we explore the first F, financial independence.

To be continued…

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