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Coronavirus: a pandemic the world is trying to ignore and resume life as usual

Has the coronavirus pandemic been defeated? Not yet.

Has the world created a vaccine for coronavirus? Not yet.

How come, the rate of new cases especially in the United States of America showing a steep decline during a time of “Black Lives Matter” protests where we expected the cases to spike? How come the protestors especially in the epicentre, New York City, who were moving enmass including at night before curfew hours were affected are not being infected?

Do you know how the coronavirus spreads?

How come many leading national media companies no longer provide real-time on-going updates of the case numbers? Does it mean covid19 is no longer of public interest? Why are the updates being sidelined?

What is driving the increase in new infections in India?

Why are countries opening economies as the covid19 reported cases increase, on a global average?

Are there people benefiting from an extended lock-down?

Is the world trying to ignore the coronavirus pandemic? What is the likely impact of this.

Was the classification of coronavirus as “pandemic” by WHO appropriate? Why do you say so?

How does Coronavirus deaths compare with other diseases like NCDs?  Why are the other killers not classified as pandemic?

Who benefits from the “pandemic?” And Who loses from the pandemic?

Please be kind enough to add to these questions and to provide answers. Thanks very much.

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