#coronavirus pandemic: My response to those against the lockdown in Uganda

A one Tom N. Mbalinda has opined against Uganda’s current lockdown of the country, thus: “You cannot shut down an economy because of a

A one Tom N. Mbalinda has opined against Uganda’s current lockdown of the country, thus:

“You cannot shut down an economy because of a disease that kills less than 3% of persons who contract it. These are stats from countries with ageing populations, unlike us. Save for Italy with a fatality rate of over 10%. But let us face it, the median age in Italy is 46, compared to Uganda at 15. I would be considered a young person if I was in Italy at my ‘ripe old’ age of 43.  Even when Aids afflicted almost 25% of the adult population in Uganda with no known cure or made to prolong life, sex outside marriage, hotels, bars, and all manner of debauchery (as some saw it) was not banned! Life continued till ARVs were found…” to read the full opinion, click here >>

I think this kind of thinking is flawed and not good for our country.

I have this to say to Tom N Mbalinda:

The author has probably not seen what is happening in Ecuador.

When Coronavirus finds poorly developed healthcare systems, in countries without money for reserves and adequate budgets for emergencies, the problem is huge and fatal.

In Guayaquil, Ecuador’s covid19 epicentre, people are dying in their homes… and those that remain, push the dead bodies in the streets. This is according to media reports. And a simple Google search about Ecuador’s coronavirus crisis brings this fact to the fore.

It is dire.

In Uganda, the few cases are being managed and catered for adequately since this is yet a health ‘crisis’. Death starts to occur once health facilities become overwhelmed.

I am afraid that the President as overall consumer of all state intelligence knows more than we ordinary mortals know! The risk exposure to the diseases could be bigger if preventative measures are not adhered to.

In America and Europe, death is due to age, pre-existing health conditions of patients, etc but most importantly overwhelmed health system! It is a decision of who to let die!  When you have over 100,000 people sick, of which over 30% of that need intensive care because they could not faster help, you have a crisis on your hands. And that is what the world advanced economies suddenly find themselves facing: a health crisis. You have just 10,000 intensive care facilities against 30,000 patients who need them. The question is who do you let in? And patience needs over 2 weeks of intensive care time. That is where the covid19 challenge comes from.

I find the analysis by Tom not well informed. AIDS, malaria, etc other diseases to some extent people know how to avoid.

For these diseases, the public knows how to stop their spread except for children born with the condition, how do you say you do not know? If you practice live sex with multiple partners you do not know, chances of getting an HIV infection are high! However, Coronavirus you must keep a distance which for now the government has recommended as we study the disease and get assimilated to it.

Covid19 problem = many people fall sick = crisis everywhere as health facilities become overwhelmed. Imagine the few 45 cases in Uganda, all the patients are in their homes due to lack of health facilities to take them! Death could have now occurred. That is what is happening in Europe and America!

When you delay testing, and the patient misses essential early care, the disease could get out of hand. Early care of patients usually leads to the best outcomes. And prevention is always better than cure.

I support the government for the timely lockdown and the directives. We cannot afford to manage a crisis if we have the chance to prevent it. Bravo to H.E. Y. K. Museveni. And bravo to Uganda Ministry of Health.

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