Covid19: A time to change or be forced to change

We are all heading into the future, that is where our thinking should focus on. No one can predict the future with precision. We

We are all heading into the future, that is where our thinking should focus on.

No one can predict the future with precision. We use historical data to anticipate what will happen. Since pandemics do not have specific characteristics, no one would have predicted when the coronavirus pandemic would happen.

It took the world by surprise. No wonder all countries badly affected, with death numbers rising by the day. In the United States alone, the total number of covid19 death is past 50,000! Globally, the death numbers keep rising every other day.  That is a huge loss to the world. Many families will never be the same. May The Souls of the Faithful Departed Rest in Eternal Peace.

All attempts at prediction of the future are based on lots of data of what happened in the past, extrapolated to anticipate what could happen in the future. When you study a sample of over 1,000 young boys and girls’ behavior and lifestyle over a long period say 20 years, you have better chances of predicting the qualities that make one successful.

Using the same approach, one can examine available data of good customer profiles to anticipate one’s ability to pay. That is how financial institutions build models and set conditions for extending credit facilities and business relationships.

Not with coronavirus.

This pandemic has challenged everything we ever knew. You cannot predict the future. You just must plan for the worst-case scenario and stay ready. This means you must be ready to change. Great leadership is therefore about anticipating the worst and best-case scenarios and planning for responses in case the worst happened. When you save some money, you are preparing for the bad day.

Working methods must change. Your mind must change to be ready all the time, and not to get ready. You must change your sleeping routines. You must change and embrace technology. You must change and embrace self-drive. You must change and have a positive outlook to be held accountable. You must change and embrace going an extra effort. You must change and go the extra mile. Money is lost and the economy is slowing down day by day.

What have you changed in your life?

Any person or organization not willing to change shall be rejected by the system. Are you ready to embrace the future? It is near. It is here tomorrow.

Change or be changed. It is up to you.

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