#covid19 – always Give Clear Safety Instructions

During these times, people need clear instructions. As the old saying goes, Clear succinct instructions to help people avoid mistakes, which could be costly.

During these times, people need clear instructions.

As the old saying goes, There is never time to do anything properly, but there must always be time to do it again. Click To Tweet Clear succinct instructions to help people avoid mistakes, which could be costly.

We know effective communication is not easy. The communicator is responsible to get the right and accurate message across.

As they say, “if people do not understand and fail to query it, perhaps because they are worried you will blame them, then that is also your [the communicators’] fault because you should make sure things are clear and encourage people to ask if necessary. If you are in a position to ask people regardless of any level to do something, make sure you give proper instructions and guidelines. Failure to do so leads to mistakes and reworks which costs money and time.”

Always ensure that instructions are clear. When communicating, make sure you are clear on:

  1. What needs to be done (and give sufficient details). Give people clear instructions about what you need them to do. “Go to the supermarket in Garden city, on the ground floor, and buy two sweet bread loaves.”
  2. Why it needs to be done (tell people they why so that they are clear on what happens if they don’t do it. Knowing the objectives may make the task clearer and will improve motivation). “The bread is for my children at breakfast tomorrow at home so that they don’t starve.”
  3. How it should be done (methodology etc.). “Please go by motorcycle so that you arrive early before the bread is finished from the shelves.”
  4. When it should be completed (and anything else about the
    timing). “Bring the break within 4 hours from now.”
  5. The expected results after it is done well. “Check on the package for the expiry date of the bread. Buy the bread that at least expires in three days to allow for longer shelf life.”
  6. How you will measure work well done so that self-assessment is clear. “Once you bring the right bread in four hours, you will have done a good job.”

In this period of #covid19 and remote working, you must learn how to communicate effectively. Countries are now giving directives and instructions to their respective communities, clear instructions must be given.

Good, clear instructions save time, written guidelines do the same, and for some tasks they are useful; this is especially true of awkward or difficult jobs that are performed regularly but infrequently.

Today, after two days of staying at home, I decided to visit the market to restock food supplies. As I stood by the food stall to make an order, passers-by bumped into me, oblivious of the #coronavirus safe distance. I decided to turn the other way, only to find another person just next to me.

I had to hold my breath!

After trying the face masks thing, I realized it is a tall order for me. I just cannot wear one.

People must follow instructions. The best way is to explain to them why they must follow the instructions. It is easier than to enforce them once one knows why they must follow them.

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