#covid19: How prepared are you to survive a crisis at a personal level?

Are you winning or losing during this crisis? Before we go deep, use two minutes to complete a brief survey to help you fine-tune

Are you winning or losing during this crisis?

Before we go deep, use two minutes to complete a brief survey to help you fine-tune your #covid19 response and recovery strategy. If you missed the Webinar, check out the survey on this link and assess where you stand compared to the rest.

How do you fare in each of the following areas:

Which area of your life has been badly affected by the covid19 pandemic? *

  1. Relationships affected – family and friends
  2. Job insecurity, loss of income – job and or business
  3. Spiritual issues
  4. Increasing health risks and threats

How do you make money?

  1. Job (I am employed. I earn at least Ugx. 1m net monthly basic)
  2. Small business (I am self-employed. I earn a net profit of Ugx. 1m monthly)
  3. Both a) and b) – I have a job, and a part-time small business
  4. I am not employed/lost my job

What is your highest level of education?

  1. First Degree and above
  2. No University Education
  3. Vocational Institute Graduate – I know what to do
  4. I have professional skills like graphics designs, speaking, etc

At the time of conducting the webinar, 46% of the participants indicated that they had Job insecurity, loss of income – job and or business; and 31% said relationships affected – family and friends and 23% worried about health threats.

On question number two, 46% indicated that “I am not employed/lost my job”, further underscoring the impact of the pandemic. 38% responded that they still had their jobs, earning at least Ugx. 1m monthly. And finally, 54% of the attendees reported having a degree and above.

Back to you: where do you stand?

We are living in odd times. For every country, every society, every business, every institution, and every individual, these are defining moments.

On a personal level, are YOU winning? And in which areas of your life? Are YOU happy with your life? Which area of YOUR life has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? What are your next steps?

To answer the above questions, take a few moments and engage in an exercise that will assess how fulfilled YOUR life is using a simple yet powerful tool: The Wheel of Life – a concept attributed to the late Paul J. Meyer. Examine what changes you need to undertake in preparation for odd times like these.

To win, you must take three steps of personal transformation – Assess, Change, and Transform – ACT. That is how to transform into a much better version of YOU.


The wheel of life is composed of four perspectives and for our assessment, these are; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The four perspectives are further sub-divided into different areas of your life.  On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), please rate your level of satisfaction in each area of your life with a dot and then join the dots. This will give you an immediate overview of which areas are thriving and which areas need more work.

What are the results of your assessment? How well rounded is your wheel?

A score of 5 and below implies more work is needed in that area while a score of 8 and above means you are thriving in that area and you need to maintain it.  We could delve deeper into each area on the wheel of life but for purposes of today’s webinar, we will focus on YOUR career and conduct a further assessment.

Are you happy with your life? Which area of your life is lacking that you need to improve? Take time to complete your wheel of life to focus on improving it.

For purposes of this webinar, we will go a mile deep to examine the personal strategies you need to win in case your career is stagnating.

What are your personal career growth and positioning?

Study the following graph carefully, especially the four quadrants, and see where you fall. Are you a raw material, fake, expert, or thought leader? Depending on where you fall, you must explore a strategy to win and transform your life regardless of the current condition.

Who is a fake?

Low competence, high visibility

Usually have little or no education. No skills or talent.

How about raw material?

Low competence and low visibility.

Usually not yet educated, but has the potential to grow and thrive. People who are just starting in their career, are raw materials. They need to invest more.

An expert?

High competence, low visibility.

Usually very knowledgeable, highly skilled, and experienced.

And a thought leader?

High competence, and high visibility. This is the ultimate level you all want to be. These people continue to thrive despite the times. They are in demand. Whether at the job or in the private sector, everyone is giving them opportunities to win.

A thought l go-to person in their field of expertise. A trusted authority on a particular subject.  Opinion leader.

What next after the assessment?

You ought to focus on increasing your competence and visibility. The more you are competent and sought after for your skills, the more your resilience in surviving a crisis of any nature.


Increasing your competence and visibility will require you to make some changes This is what will enable you to progress from one level to the next or even maintain it.

You’ve got to come up with a strategy to guide you towards the achievement of your career goals.

What is your ambition? What is your strategic focus?

Have you written your career development plan?

To be able to have the changes made stick, you have got to transform.


To transform and sustain your transformation, you’ve got to choose to live an intentioned life, every day.

Transformation is a result of taking action – and consistent action. Have habits that are consistent and aligned towards your ambition.

As indicated above, you can win if you decide to. It is a result of action and persistence. However, the action that is not in the right direction is not good. Remember, to win, ACT – assess who you are and where you stand, change – draw a personal plan to thrive and transform – have a clear workplan.

At Summit Consulting, when preparing our mentees to win in the world out there, we guide them that they should never settle for mediocrity. They have got to pay their dues through discipline, sweat, and focus. They have got to invest the necessary time and habits to become champions. Exhaustive preparation is key to success.

To transform, what daily actions and habits will you adopt? Life is too short. Nobody knows what their last day will be. Where is your passion? Take the first step today. List down the required daily habits and take on the 90-day challenge of developing them and transform your life – ready to survive amid any crisis.


The above is a summary of the webinar held on 26th May 2020 by the Summit Consulting Directors, Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr Strategy, and Pius Babyesiza, Mr Change Agent.

To watch the summary, click here >>

To download the PPT, How-to-Survive-a-Crisis-at-a-personal-level

To take the #covid19 recovery and response survey, click here >>

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