Do you deserve a seat on the table?

I hope you had a fantastic Easter holiday. Me too. Today, just like I keep telling you, I want you to remember that life

I hope you had a fantastic Easter holiday. Me too. Today, just like I keep telling you, I want you to remember that life is about making choices – of what you do and what you will not do. Successful people make the right choices at the right time which others fail. Consider an investment example, when Umeme announced their initial public offering (IPO), those who made the right decision to buy shares made a fortune. Also, Uganda Clays share price once peaked, and then fell flat. Those who decided to sell at the right time, made a killing.

Every time you get out of your bed, you are faced with options for making choices. How do you go to town? Do you use your personal car or public means? The choices you make have a critical influence and impact on your life.

As a CEO of the business or as an employee, you have a choice of which ‘tables to seat on’. When it comes to the business, as a CEO you need to have the mindset that everybody you bring into the room deserves their seat on the table. Everybody who comes into your business, they must have a role they play in the business. You don’t want to have idle hands as part of your company.

Great leaders are able to identify the skills of the people they have so that they keep only those ones who add an impact on the table. As an individual, if you are growing to improve yourself, you must have consciousness asking; what is your role on the table? If you have a job you don’t deserve, you are actually killing your career. If you got the job just by luck, the luck will run out. At the end of the day, people want results and you must perform to prove that you deserve the job.

Keep asking yourself which choices you are making to give capacity to deserve your seat on the table. In Uganda’s public service, there is a lot of spending trying to train people who are mediocre to become average. But also in the private sector, inefficiency is increasingly on the rise. By spending a lot of money to train mediocre people, it kills the business as well as the economy as a whole in terms of GDP. This is why as a leader you must identify great people, and train them to become very superb.

Find your forte, specialise and deliver excessively well, you will succeed. Ensure that you invite on your table only exceptional talent, and keep training them to become extra-ordinary.



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