Digital marketing myths

Digital marketing is upon us. How are you leveraging it to grow your business? Today, all institutions have some form of digital strategy. Winning organizations have some form of tools to measure and monitor the impact of their digital agenda on the business.

Are you winning, losing or stagnating with your digital strategy?

Here are two myths of digital marketing.

Many social media followers equal to online success. That is a myth to some extent.

You need followers that are relevant for your business, otherwise, you have a ‘tribe’ that is not helpful!

The right strategy should be “many followers that are potential business customers” equal to online success. And that is where the concept of the ‘tribe’ came from. Followers that are relevant. If you are a bank CEO and have over 5,000 entrepreneurs following you on your chosen social media platform, you have a relevant audience or ‘tribe’. If you twit about a new affordable financial product, you are likely to get customers.

I am also aware that celebrities monetize their massive followers by being hired as social influencers. This is cool. In that context, huge followers mean success.
Remember, not everyone is a celebrity. To gain massive followers online, you must first have massive followers offline. Meaning that you must be already known and successful without digital. The web just gives one a platform to interact with fans. That is how I look at it.

You must have observed that it is time-wasting to spend money marketing twits or social media posts so as to get followers. You must first provide great content.
The trick it, create unique content first, find an influencer to endorse it and then results will come. You will have a high chance of getting natural followers and therefore a tribe.

People tend to follow folks who they relate to easily.

To be continued.

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