Do the work, book 1 of week 1 of June 2020

It is ALMOST the second half of 2020. Time is flying

Now is the time to reflect on your achievements in the first half of the year. It has been a tough one. The coronavirus pandemic has given many people reasons to lag behind their targets. Do not be one of them.

Do work.

Remember, the pandemic affected everyone and your peers and competitors alike. In business, we call it systematic or general risk. You have no excuse.

Since January 2020, I have shared one book per week. This week, I recommend you read “Do the work”, by Steven Pressfield. This is easy to read a book that I found transforming. It is just about 100 pages, and well-spaced. You will enjoy it.

I leave you with an extract from the book’s chapter three for you:

Heaven and Books About Heaven
Have you seen this great New Yorker cartoon:

A perplexed person stands
before two doors. One door
says HEAVEN. The other says

What makes us laugh, I suspect, is that all of us feel the pull to

Are we that timid? Are our huevos

When we’re offered a chance at heaven, what diabolically craven
force makes us want to back off—just for now, we promise ourselves—and choose instead of heaven’s pale reflection?

Fear of success is the essence of Resistance.

It’s silent, covert, invisible … but it permeates every aspect of our
lives and poisons them in ways we’re either blind to or in denial

You will love the Do the Work, book. As you start the second half of 2020, do the work. Stop wishing. Act.

I wish you success.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa 2020, All rights reserved.

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