Do you want to succeed? Here is a great business opportunity to excel…

Are you ambitious but not greedy? Do you look at the future NOT instant gratification? Are you a tech geek (web technologies), but also

Are you ambitious but not greedy?

Do you look at the future NOT instant gratification?

Are you a tech geek (web technologies), but also long term focused? Or are you open to be mentored how to make money (but you know php, coding, open source platforms and modifications of code or very passionate about the subject – Internet, www and websites generally including e-commerce)?

Are you a fresh IT graduate ready to start the journey as an entrepreneur or you have something you have started in the area of applications design and ecommerce and want to take it to the next level?

Do you need a business partner; someone who has an already established web design business unit and is looking for a partner, NOT a staff, but a business partner to run the unit as an independent business? you will tap instantly into their experience, connections and financial support – and grow gradually?

Is lack of capital your biggest obstacle or limitation? But you understand that with a right foundation and strategy, all the money will come BUT only with the right partner, guidance and hard work?

Are you a person of high integrity who is stable, very intelligent and extremely hardworking? i.e. are you looking at a long-term business partnerships – soul mate in business to grow and make more money because two minds are better than one?

Do you want to partner with one of the most serious young entrepreneurs, who will give you instant mindset change about business and start seeing opportunities and success coming?

Do you want to feel the satisfaction which comes when you see success coming to you out of your brains and hard work instead of gaining wealth from theft, corruption and selfishness?

If your answer is yes to all the above, then you have got a partner. Just email me at mugisa[at]mustaphamugisa[dot]com or call +256782 six one zero triple three.

Summit Consulting Ltd ( is restructuring its strategic business units, Summit Creative, an ecommerce (website designing & social media ad) and graphics designing unit into an independent business line.

Already, the unit has clients we provide website hosting, designing and maintenance services. The unit also hosts all SCL websites, which will be retained and provided as a service to Summit Consulting under the new structure.

We are looking for someone we can partner with (if you already have a similar business) or can support (if you have technical and leadership experience) to run the unit as a profitable venture.

If you want to operate a structured business, get formal and be mentored by some of the best business consultants, here is the opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Come and start 2015 on a right foundation.

Globally, partnerships are the way to go. So, don’t lock yourself in your small office and think that owning 100% of your company is wealth. No. That is small thinking. Owning just 10% of a big company is far better – as it gives you the opportunity to earn even while you are not working. In your small business, probably you cannot earn, UNLESS you come to work!

Come try this opportunity. Unfortunately, we are looking for someone we can share our intellectual property, tools, approaches, key contacts and allow to sign on the bank account – so, if you decide to come, be prepared for the long haul.

We don’t want folks with small brains of coming to copy and paste, and after a year or two want to jump ship.

We want folks here for the long haul. Folks who we will seat with on a table and agree on the key expectations and clear accountabilities and targets. Folks who will not run private business and errands in the background thereby killing the culture we believe in – never lie. We want folks who are prepared to make a difference and grow a global business with a solid foundation. That is what we are looking for.

If you think are the kind of person described above, why not try us. Most importantly, we need a hardworking, tech savvy and highly technical person who can code (practically) and understand website designing especially customizing open source apps like Word Press, Joomla, Drupal etc and can implement these things at the client. Someone who knows what great looks like.

Advantage will be given to those with evidence of work done and have a first class degree in ICT or any science/ engineering degree.

If you want to start getting closer to your dream, why not call me NOW? I am looking for only five partners. The earlier you get in touch the better. Good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. So, don’t wait for the luck. Prepare by getting in touch NOW. You never know how great something is, until you try it.

I remain,

Mustapha Bernabas Mugisa, Your Success Partner 

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