Don’t be a selfish player

Are you a team player or a selfish one?

In whatever business you are in, do learn that you sell fast turnaround time, and not phones, beer or air ticketing service. You sell innovation and great ideas, and not personal ego or laziness. When a client email goes unanswered for more than 1 hour, know that you are failing. The company you work for is failing.

The people can make or break the business. Much as they may not suffer the financial losses, they will ultimately suffer the bad reputation that they made a profitable company to collapse! That is what everybody remembers when one says I worked at Enron!

Great staff are proactive –they ask their seniors how to help, they identify what to do and communicate with peers or supervisors often so that effort is aligned. They are helpful to colleagues always sharing, they focus on growth and positive energy and where they can, make updates to all and group.

No one adds value by not communicating or being helping out team members. Even in football, however great a player may be, if they dont support colleagues by passing the ball, they end up substituting them..

Do not be that selfish player.


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