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Don’t give up

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

Getting ahead

Success is a series of trial and error. Don’t associate with people telling you not to persist. Pick your friends carefully.

If someone is less successful than you are, don’t waste your time listening to their negative advice. You may only listen to the less successful if they give you words of encouragement.

Life is too short to avoid taking risks.

You could become successful through (i) marrying into a rich family, (ii) studying and getting a job; (iii) doing your own things or (iv) winning lottery. Or you could steal your way to wealth plus a plethora of many options available. Succeeding through routes (ii) or (iii) is the best bet. You live without a bad conscience. Being born into wealth is not listed, because if you are not savvy, you will eat the wealth up until you become poor. You must be financially literate yourself.

With route (ii) you need to work as a permanent secretary (PS) in the public service or managing director (MD) in the private sector to make it before you click the dreaded 55 years of retirement. Otherwise, you risk being tempted and catching the dreaded virus, which Dr. Ian Clarke calls Corruption Virus (CV). With option (iii), you could get manner anytime, but you’ve to hang in there.

I mean…

There is no free lunch out there, and if someone gives you one, get concerned. As my grandpa once advised, “if you have a friend and you don’t know how they benefit from you, get concerned. There is no one way friendship.”

Success takes long. And you must be prepared for the long haul.

As you get closer to success, you will experience very difficult moments so that you may give up. I say, don’t dare think about it. There is no problem without a solution. And you cannot have a solution without a problem. So, challenges are part of your success. You just need to change some goal posts to score.

Have a lovely week.

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