Essential skills for your career success

To succeed, you need to have intellectual firepower. Put stuff into your head. You need to have the minimum foundation for your success.But mostly importantly, being human is key. You must be able to go into any room, read the moment and be able to make the right actions based on the feelings of the environment. However, this is one of the most unavailable skills to most young professionals especially executives from backgrounds of insufficient.They fall into power. They develop a tendency of gathering huge fat of ego that stands into their way of success.

Once you have intellectual firepower and humility, the second thing is being able to communicate and market what you know. The ability to influence other people to like you, makes you an exceptional achiever. It can be said that Hon Bobi Wine is very articulate. He clearly has intellectual firepower. His music is on point, always connecting with the common man. He is effective at marketing.

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