Exceptional customer service in action — here is how to do it!

On 8th October 2014, while at Café Javas located at City Tyres Kamwokya, waiting for my order to be served, I witnessed exceptional customer

On 8th October 2014, while at Café Javas located at City Tyres Kamwokya, waiting for my order to be served, I witnessed exceptional customer service in action. This lady entered Café Javas with three kids aged about 4-7.  Just after taking the order, the lady waiter brought a shading board, colours and ‘assemble the pieces puzzle’ for the kids. Within minutes, the kids got focused on shedding and assembling the puzzle, and giving some time for the lady to relax. This kind of service shows that great customer service is deliberate. You must plan to make the customer’s experience better all the time. It is not just about smiling. It is about making the life of the customer wonderful anytime they get in contact with your company at any point.

So, how does your company attempt to exceed the customer’s expectations and making the whole experience wonderful whenever they get in contact with you? This is what this customer service is all about – thinking about your customer and making their life easy.

In order to create customer satisfaction and loyalty, you need to go beyond just good customer service and exceed the customer’s expectations with exceptional service. Your company needs to develop strong relationships with customers. Great customer service is a responsibility of all your company staff. It should be part of your company culture.

The SummitWay Customer Care training course is intended to help your staff acquire skills that will help them deliver exceptional customer care. Using case studies, we help your staff understand the business you are in — which is usually making the customer happy — and devising tools and tips to help you do small exceptional things that delight customers to want to come again and again! And of course getting repeat business in the process. That is how companies grow. Specifically, this training covers the following:

►     Explain what customer service means in relation to internal and external customers

►     Recognise how one’s attitude affects service standards

►     Master ways to develop and maintain positive, customer focused attitude

►     Develop needs analysis techniques to better address customer needs

►     Apply outstanding customer service techniques to generate return business

►     Practice techniques for generating good will through in-person customer service

►     Formulate take away techniques for service excellence over the phone

►     Gain insight to connecting with customers online

►     Master techniques for dealing with difficult customers

►     Acquire tools for recovering difficult customers; understand when to escalate; among others


To win in today’s market place you must recognise that the customer has a lot of power and choice. A great product is not just in terms of functionality. It has a lot to do with exceptional customer service. And when you come to think about it. Everything adds up — empower your staff to delight the customer in practice NOT in words, and surely you will see changes.

The first thing is to provide them excellent training. If you do business in Uganda, why not try our special training. Visit www.summitcl.com.

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