Fainting or Slumping in the Bathroom

? What is the cause? ☝ We always hear of people who have a stroke after a fall in the bath. ? Why have

? What is the cause?

☝ We always hear of people who have a stroke after a fall in the bath.
? Why have we not heard of falling elsewhere?
? When I took part in a healthy lifestyle course, a National Sports Council Professor, who also participated in the course, advised that:
? the head should not be washed first in the process of taking a bath (even washing of the hair).
? other parts of the body should be cleaned first.
? This is because when the head is wet and cold, blood will flow to the head to warm it up.
? If the blood vessels narrow, it is likely to cause the blood vessels to rupture.
? Since it usually happens in the bathroom, be sure to raise your awareness to avoid this happening again.

? Start the wetness from the sole of the foot.
? Progress to the Small legs, the thigh, abdomen and then shoulder.
? At this point, pause for 5-10 seconds.
? A feeling like steam/wind overflowing from the body may be observed, and then take a shower as usual.

☝ When a glass is filled with hot water, and then suddenly emptied and filled with cold water; what happens?
? The glass will burst?!!!
? Then, with regards to the human body, what happens?
? Naturally, the body temperature is very hot, whereas the water is very cold,
? a cold shower on the body or the head directly would suddenly trap the wind, or deaden it, because the blood vessels got broken.

? Oh, this is why people often suddenly fall over in the bathroom; due to the wrong bathing method. And that often cause a stroke or cause a migraine.

?This bathing method is suitable for all ages, especially those with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Migraine/Headache

? Please, don’t only just get enlightened by this; share it… if you don’t mind.

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