Focus on what is urgent and critical, one at a time

Proverbs 5, “My son, stay focused; listen to the wisdom I have gained;give attention to what I have learned about life.” Barinaba. Barinaba. Barinaba. Went

Proverbs 5, “My son, stay focused; listen to the wisdom I have gained;give attention to what I have learned about life.”

Barinaba. Barinaba. Barinaba. Went a loud voice of Mama calling me from a distance. I had just gone to fetch water in a jerrycan from a nearby open well, when Fr. Cosmas Adyebo, the then Headteacher of Munteme Fatima College (MUFACO), a Catholic founded and sponsored school, returned from Hoima town with Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results. The year was 1995. I had passed so well that not only was the school record smashed, I was among the top students in the district. If you have been to Munteme village, you understand my feat 23 years ago. To date, my first class record still stands. And that fact makes me uncomfortable. I started a foundation, Summit Literacy Foundation, to help collect quality reading materials to distribute to MUFACO and similar poor village schools. I am afraid, getting people who can work is not easy.

On 7th September 2018, UNEB released UCE results. The excitement has been high. When you read the eight in eight results by the privileged students who study in good schools, it is easy to ignore the achievements of students in village schools who score in second grade. At MUFACO, most of our teachers were senior four leavers themselves. Thank God the priests would step in as well as invite guest priests to lecture us. And that is how we managed to make it.

At Senior Six or UACE, same thing happened. The headteacher of our then secondary school, Progressive SS Hoima, felt our class had not chances of making it to Makerere and saw no need to submit the ‘coding sheets’ of all students in the class to Makerere University. When results came, I had passed so well that I met the minimum requirements for government sponsorship at Makerere but by application forms had not been submitted and so I had not been considered!

Looking at the UCE results, I recall these memories. Being focused to what is in front of me has been one of the most critical habit that has made a difference in my life.

When it comes to life, you must not waste opportunities. If you are at School, focus on your academics. At secondary school, that is when you have all the time to become and academic giant. Attain intellectual firepower by reading each word in the book, beyond the syllabus. Form strong support groups and friends with classmates.

Today, anyone who passed UCE and UACE very well, are outstanding at the workplace. Often, executives confide in us to help find for them rare talent. We are always very confidence to recommend someone who passed O and A level certificates with flying colors. They never disappoint. They are quick learners. Very disciplined and are very innovative.

As you take your children to school, keep reminding them of the fact. Seven years later after University, when they are out on the streets looking for a job, the prospective employer will ask for senior four(UCE) andsenior six (UACE) results. You must have performed very well. At that time, there is nothing one can do.

As Proverbs put it clearly, “My son, stay focused; listen to the wisdom I have gained; give attention to what I have learned about life.” Never throw away your chances. If it is time to study. Study. Focus on what is in front of you and do it very well so that you don’t have any room for regrets later in life.

I wish you success.

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