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From Whatsapp: A letter to the President of Uganda

We commend you for the Strong measures and fight put in Place against COVID-19.

However, Your Bazukulu have key important issues there have been raising to me and on different Social Media Platforms, it’s my humble request you allow me to express them on the same platform for your attention, Your Excellency, since COVID-19 can be transmitted on Paper we felt it Safe to E-communicated. Issues are

  1. Rent kindly convince us the landlords to discount rent for 2months by 50%. Am willing to head on that call, failure the rental bills will take away the little capital most of your Bazukulu hold at the moment which will render them Jobless/unemployed in a short run as you are aware informal sectors accommodates 90% of the labour force, Government employs 750,000 Ugandans hence need for informal sector support and protection.
  2. PAYE Kindly consider exception of pay as You earn with help of Parliament for all workers for 2 months to enable them to rebuild.
  3. Property rates and Ground rent kindly discount it with the help of Parliament by 50% this year 2020/2021 due to loss of revenue incurred on rental properties during the lockdown.
  4. Loans restructuring by commercial banks for 2months with help of Central Bank since your Bazukulu aren’t working it will be hard to repay which may lead to loss of securities tendered in at the time of getting loans.

Am 100% sure if all these are addressed by You with the help of relevant Government Organs we shall get our Economy and traders recover faster after this COVID-19 Crisis.

Important to note Your Excellency, most of your Sons, daughters and Bazukulu are in the informal sector hence need for support to survive in the Competitive Small businesses Operated and Commercial Agriculture which requires loans to Operate most times. As you may be aware the Government currently employs only 750,000 People leaving the biggest Population in the Informal sector.

We shall appreciate your positive responses as to that regard.

Your faithful Son & NRM 100%

Balamu Barugahara

Note: I received this article on my WhatsApp mobile as a forward. It is not written by me. And I don’t know the original author/s. The article will teach you a lesson and that is why I am sharing it. If you share, add this disclaimer.

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