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From WhatsApp: WISDOM OF FOOLS leads to double loss

You are a poultry farmer. You inject your broiler with enhancement drugs. Your daughter is in Makerere college and a major consumer of chicken and chips. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a parent. You buy exams for your child and lie to him he is the most intelligent kid in the world. He goes to university and does the wrong course. Either he drops out or he becomes a quack in that sector. He eventually gets a calamity. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. You take a bribe. Contaminated sugar is allowed in the country. Your ageing mother in the village gets cancer due to the contaminated sugar. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. The government provides funds for building a dam to aid irrigation in your village. You loot all the money. Your own kinsmen back in the village die of hunger. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior public official. You get CDF funds to build schools. You loot it all and make kids drop out and become armed thugs. They hijack you, break into your house, steal from you and rape your daughter. Wisdom of a fool.

You are in charge of a hospital, you loot money that is meant for drugs. Your brother gets sick at night, he is rushed to hospital but there are no drugs. He dies and you are left struggling to educate his eight kids. Wisdom of a fool

You are a policeman. You take a 50 bob bribe to let an overloaded matatu pass. Your own village mates and colleagues on leave die in a crash due to the matatu overload. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a rich man. You refuse to assist the poor. They become thieves. They break into your house, rob and kill you. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a voter. You are bribed with a t/shirt, 2000/- You vote in a thug. Services go down. You complain for five years. Wisdom of a fool!

“Now look, this is exactly the kind of people that we elect. I wish this poem reaches every Ugandan in the world, I wish this can be written in notice board walls in every public offices, schools, colleges, universities and even in churches. This is a brilliant poem and I wish this “wisdom of fools poem” continue rhythmically, mentioning how roaming away from God’s way has brought this disaster to the innocents. May God restore humanity through this as it shall come to pass”

Stay at home, keep safe & wash your hands regularly with soaps and sanitizer…and be patriotic….

For God and my country!

Note: I received this article on my WhatsApp mobile as a forward. It is not written by me. And I don’t know the original author/s. The article will teach you a lesson and that is why I am sharing it. If you share, add this disclaimer.

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