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Contents1 Chris Kirubi; Kenyan Business Magnate2 Allen Kagina; URA Commissioner General3 H. E. President Yoweri Museveni.4 David Kyagulanyi; Lead explorer Kweri Investments5 Mutebile Tumusiime6

‘‘We cannot get manufacturers investing here because there is rubbish being sold at giveaway prices. Counterfeit imports should be destroyed at the point of entry to protect both Ugandans and Kenyans.’’

Chris Kirubi; Kenyan Business Magnate

‘‘Tax contribution to the national budget has gone up from 32 per cent to 65 per cent. Though we are not where we want to be, it’s vital that we celebrate what we have achieved so far.’’

Allen Kagina; URA Commissioner General

‘We need to address the issue of glorifying foreign products when there are equally suitable local products available. Our mind must be decolonized at the same time our local industries should be able to add value, innovate, employ and grow our economy-not until then we will not realize the dream of prosperity for all.’’

H. E. President Yoweri Museveni.

‘‘The geological and economic values of earth metals in Busoga particularly the clays can only be equaled to deposits discovered in Canada and to some extent in China.’’

David Kyagulanyi; Lead explorer Kweri Investments

There are no definitive thresholds for the sustainability of total public debt in frontier markets such as Uganda, but a ceiling of 50 per cent of the net present value of debt to GDP is probably prudent.’’

Mutebile Tumusiime

Governor Bank of Uganda

‘‘Experience is very good teacher, especially when we learn from our mistakes. Yet my study of history led me to believe that those who lead change often have to ‘over-look’ experience in favour of attempting the untried.’’

Myles Munroe

International Preacher and Motivational speaker

‘‘Foreign investment can only stimulate an economy, but cannot transform it. For real development to take place, there must be emerge an indigenous class of businessmen.’’

Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu

Vice Chancellor Makerere University

“We hold our workforce in high regard and make every employee feel part of the team. Without their dedication and hard work, we would struggle to meet the company objectives. We therefore provide them with safe working environment and motivate them to work even harder.’’

Sikander Lalani, Chairman Roofings Group

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