Great leadership boils down to trust and transparency


The coronavirus pandemic has helped expose the quality of leaders and leadership we have.

People are always looking at the leader. The leader’s tone. Body language and words say a lot. Imagine you are flying up in the air, and you go through rough clouds and feel the airplane shaking, and the pilot shouts in the public address system: “have you heard that one? Another is coming. We may not go through this. I told the board that this plane needs to be grounded. I do not think it shall manage to go through this rough turbulence due to thick clouds…”

Imagine another pilot, upon encountering turbulences, announces “we are experiencing some turbulence because we are flying over the Amazon, we shall soon clear this rough air and resume our normal flight. We are in a state of art airplane, sit relax and enjoy your flight.”

Such a leader is transparent. And it is from being frank and telling the truth that people will trust you.

Who are your best leaders – alive or dead? What qualities do they have, or did they have to demonstrate great leadership? #covid19 times call for transparency. Our leaders must tell the truth. They must be open and answer all questions from the public through the media and journalists.

Once the people trust and believe in the leaders, great results happen.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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