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Contents1 What is your digital strategy?2 A case study3 What is your digital strategy? What is your digital strategy? By now everyone has told

What is your digital strategy?

By now everyone has told you why a digital strategy is critical. That is not enough.

The differentiator is how do you craft and execute a winning digital strategy with clear performance measurement and monitoring tools. How do you measure a successful digital strategy? Is it number of followers, downloads for your free documents, number of interactions to your posts or Alexa and Google website ranking?

How do you measure and monitor success of your digital strategy?

A case study

At Summit Consulting Ltd we focus on the outcomes. Why invest in the digital strategy in the first place? Of what use is say 10m Facebook followers if you never make money out of it? Of course, with 10m followers, you will have so many brands paying you money to endorse their products. That is the right mindset. We want you to have that in mind so that when you finally have the 10m followers on your social networks, you are able to monetize the crowd!

Our summitMEDIA digital strategy training helps empower you with tools to transform your business and make more money online. Our digital strategy has always been the number of visitors to our website we are able to convert into paying customers for our consulting services.

When we started a serious digital strategy in 2010, that was our dream. Unfortunately, we did not have an idea of what to do. Our focus was not about increasing the number of people who ‘like’ us. As a consulting firm, that was not our focus. Because we know it is difficult to ‘be liked’ especially if you are like us in the business of telling people the truth.

Customers come to us when they need answers about who could have stolen from them? When did they steal from them? How did they do it? Why did they do it? Our summitFORENSICS services focus on finding answers to such questions.

Because some of our clients do not want even people to know that they used our services, our digital strategy has never been increasing number of likes or followers. Never. Ours has been on-line conversation rate – how many people who meet us via our website stay long and ask for more information to use our services? We know if we want to be liked, we need to enter may be into politics, entertainment or fashion business or a rich folk or genius or the like. That is what the ‘mass’ market likes to enjoy.

For our business, unless we become a celebrity it would be suicidal to measure our digital strategy success based on number of followers. We thus focus on outcome: money. How much money do we earn through our online channels?

What is your digital strategy?

No company is the same. Do not use a copy and paste document to define your digital strategy. You need to gain thorough analysis of your business, trends and game-changers so that you identify appropriate digital weapons to grow your business using digital channels. There are many digital tools available, which one is the best for the job at hand? To answer this question, you must first gain clarity of your business.

Below are some tools available: answer the following questions?

  1. What business are we in?
  2. Which social media to use as our anchor channel? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp, Snapchat and why?
  3. Which kind of webstie do we use?
  4. What kind of content to share?
  5. Do we need an ecommerce, or we leverage on Amazon and other e-commerce sites?
  6. Which is my target market?
  7. What is the best and popular digital channels for my products?
  8. Do we need a blog or not? Why?
  9. Do we create a digital forum or portal? Why?

You must be able to answer the above questions to win online.

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Remember, what is your digital strategy?

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