Have you got your “7 Tools of an effective Board member” Book?

They say the fish starts rotting from the head. And that the ‘bottleneck’ is at the top of the bottle. All these points to

They say the fish starts rotting from the head.

And that the ‘bottleneck’ is at the top of the bottle.

All these points to the fact that successful companies have good leadership. The board is the topmost decision-making board in the organization.

In 2019, I wrote my second book, “7 Tools of An Effective Board Member.”  It does not matter what level you are, grab a copy from Amazon or Aristoc and read. You will transform your leadership skills. It is full of great personal stories and lessons at the frontline of corporate governance as a trainer, board member, and secretary to Council, Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda.

Below are raving reviews from leaders who reviewed the book before publication.

“Corporate Governance and its interplay in the Boardroom is what this book attempts, successfully, to simplify. The responsibilities and roles of a member of any board, large or small, could not be any easier or more straightforward. If you are looking to making a mark as a Board member who adds value to the organization that you oversee as Board member, the 7 Tools of an Effective Board Member book, is excellent tutelage!

—Geoffrey Kihuguru, Chairman, Board of Directors, Citibank Uganda Limited


“This book matter-of-factly lays out the opportunity and challenge of appointment as a board member and gives a very useful and practical deep dive on how to be effective in a board position. I particularly recommend this book to all aspiring and new board members, as well as those that are life-long learners, which we all ought to be!”

—David Mutabanura, Executive Director, Cavendish University Uganda


The 7 Tools of an Effective Board Member book provides the much-needed insight into what is required and happens at the Board. It is a must-read for all those aspiring to promote good board practices.

Haruna Musinguzi, Finance Director, Uganda Communications Commission


“This book is exceptionally timely.  It fills the gap on the market – African board members’ guide by an African, much as the 7 Tools can be applied in any setting globally.  It is a riveting quick to read book.  I highly recommend it for board members, CEOs, and anyone aspiring to serve on a board.”

Dr. Miriam O. Laker-Oketta, Clinical Research Scientist, Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University College of Health Sciences


7 Tools of an Effective Board Member is a vital instrument for any person who wants to learn about the operations of the Board and also a masterpiece for all of us who strive for a stellar Board. This book is a timely addition to corporate governance discourse from my experience as a student of Law, in my professional life as an Advocate, and as a person who has served on the Board as a member, as well as, Board Secretary.

— Anthony Arinaitwe, Advocate of the High Court of Uganda, Kampala.


“The 7 Tools of an Effective Board Member is quite enlightening on the process of a board obtaining the high standard of corporate governance. I would recommend this book for institutions that are setting up linkages with their subsidiaries and to board members who wish to make an impact on their organizations. This book is a must-read.”

—Hamu Mugenyi, Board Chairman, Uganda Development Corporation.

“A great initiative, making it a must-read for anyone starting board affairs in developing economies as well as developed economies. The book empowers any reader with insights to transition from mediocrity to super performance in the boardroom.  The writer navigates the current practices well and allows the reader and board practitioners to learn from past mistakes and systematically grow corporate governance aspects within the business practices, empowering the board practitioners to explore what works for the entity at hand.

However, the writer has been caught in the web of prescriptive solutions by way of seven tools which may not be the magical solution for improving board governance in all scenarios.”

— Derick Nkajja, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda.

The system by which organizations are governed and controlled is increasingly gaining importance in both public and private companies. A number of recent corporate challenges across several sectors have amplified governance failures calling for scrutiny beyond regulation. This thought-provoking book offers an incisive examination of corporate governance from both a historical and contemporary point of view. Exploring the key tenets of governance with a blend of Uganda’s corporate environment, the author identifies the strengths in the application of the core governance principles. I highly recommend it for your useful and sustainable leadership benefit.

Michael Mugabi, President, Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda.


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Are you a board member who wants to add value to the boards you serve? Buy a copy today from Amazon.

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