Here is how to delight a great consultant

A good consultant is like a surgeon, they will complete the job even if it requires more effort and time without asking for a

A good consultant is like a surgeon, they will complete the job even if it requires more effort and time without asking for a fee increase. That is the difference passion makes.

Imagine a surgeon, mid-way the surgery operation notices a new complication beyond the earlier diagnosis, that requires more time and procedures for the improved health of the patient? Do you fix the new issue, or you just leave it unattended? Of course! A great doctor does the right thing – fix the issue if it must be fixed. The satisfaction comes when the patient is up and running and they say thank you for changing their life.

No amount of money can beat the satisfaction of having transformed a person’s life, one patient, at a time.

The same happens with consulting. When the client writes a testimonial for work well done, everyone becomes super excited. It is in the impact made, not the cheque earned that makes the difference.

And so if you want to delight a consultant who has done a great job, give him compliments, testimonials, and referrals for work well done. A great consultant adds value to the client’s business.  To be great, you must seek to understand the client’s business first, or what organizational change specialists call –context.

In consulting, context is king.

That is why great consulting outfits like Bain, McKinsey, Accenture, and the other big firms must find local associates to implement projects when they venture globally. Context helps consultants deliver appropriate solutions that speak to the local market conditions and the internal culture dynamics. A great executive says in the United States, may fail flat in leading a transformational project in Japan, because of the different cultures and contexts. Such a person must first invest 3-10 years to understand the local context to succeed as a leader in the new market.

The same with medical doctors. The great ones understand the context of their patients. The patient family backgrounds. Family health conditions. Patient health conditions and histories. Lifestyle. Blood type. Personal income. Etc. When you know all these things and more you understand the diagnosis and can provide the best treatment.

Any doctor worth their name, cannot just take a look at a patient and instantly recommend treatment. The first talk to you. Collect some samples. Test it and inform their diagnosis with data. Doctors love it when the patient can say more about their conditions and their current feelings.

Great consultants are also delighted by a knowledgeable client. When the client is sophisticated, exposed, and knows what good looks like, they transform the consultant. Suddenly the consultant realizes they are delivering expired ideas to a client ready for the 21st-century solutions. We learn from brilliant clients.

And that explains this blog. The Electricity Regulatory Authority of Uganda has a fine team of professionals who are a pleasure to work with. It is so good when a consultant gets challenged, stretched, and improved. That is what so many brilliant minds at ERA will do — challenge each model you put on the table! If you crammed it, you are easily asked to walk out of the door… So, when I get a testimonial like this, happiness happens…


This is to certify that Summit Consulting Ltd under the leadership of Mr. Mustafa B. Mugisa successfully facilitated the formulation of the ERA Five (5) Year Strategy (FY2020/21-2024/25) and the One Year Corporate Business plan (FY 2020/21) to execute the strategy. To read the full testimonial,  

Electricity Regulatory Authority Testimonial

Thanks for being a good client.

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