Hit the iron while it is still hot

It is not easy to hit an iron after it has cooled down. This common knowledge is critical when it comes to marketing and sales.

Any sale is a result of hard work. It starts with building relationships through the first point of contact either at a conference or cold visitation to a prospect.

It is easier to close a sale with someone you know face to face than one you have never seen especially when it comes to professional services. It is a business of trust. You need a consultant who is knowledgeable and competent.

When it comes to selling, what you do after your first meeting is critical like your first impression. If the prospect says, send to me a proposal, you must make sure you demonstrate your swiftness. Send the proposal within two hours of the meeting when both of you are still fresh about the meeting and agreed on the next steps. Thereafter, follow up consistently until the client replies or your calls and messages are so consistent – say once every after two days that you cannot be ignored.

As a salesperson or business development, you hit the iron while it is still hot when you respond to the client immediately after the first meeting and thereafter follow up consistently daily.

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