How do you reach a compromise? Have you ever compromised?

Many people want it all to themselves. They do not want to make compromises. Such people may be difficult to deal with because they

Many people want it all to themselves. They do not want to make compromises. Such people may be difficult to deal with because they are “I deserve it all type” with a mentality of entitlement. They see no value in sharing or letting go. It is difficult to make friendships and influence people if you lack the art of compromising.

One thing I want to make clear is do not to compromise on your values or principles that are ethical or promote compliance. You should compromise for the interests of the team’s success.

We live in a world where people are well educated, exposed, and knowledgeable. You cannot have people accepting everything you say without questioning or challenging you.

Take the following scenario:

A team of 5 has done a fantastic job, and the team leader has offered the US $100, to be spent in the evening get together. Two of the members ask to get cash since they are not ‘party people.’ Yet sharing cash shall make the experience bad for the rest since they would not afford the packages available.

How would you solve the impasse? Remember the offer intended to get members to celebrate as a team.

In the above scenario, the two members must compromise, either they miss the function and do not receive any cash share, or they join the team for an evening party anywhere, even when it is not their preference. This is what sacrificing and compromising in the interests of the team is all about.

No one can always have it their way. Somewhere and somehow, you must let go of your interests in the interests of the team.

When did you last compromise? Remember, do not compromise on your values. If compromising shall make you sin or do something bad or illegal, do not compromise. You must have values and principles that guide your behaviour to guide your decisions to compromise.

Every day you are exposed to situations where you must compromise. You need a value system to guide your decisions, otherwise, you could compromise and cause problems. If no one is allowed to drive a car this is not serviced, do not compromise on such a policy, and doing so could be fatal. Likewise, if someone is sick and must be taken to hospital failure of which could be fatal, you are expected to compromise on the policy of driving at night to take the patience to the hospital to save a life.

As you can see, you need to put your brains to work to decide what to do when faced with a challenging situation.

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